DBSK talks about Santa Claus: PATi PATi interview (January 2008 Issue)


— How old were you when you believed in Santa Claus?

YC: Before I went to 2nd grade.
CM: I never believed in Santa.
JJ: Changmin doesn’t have a childhood.
CM: Maybe you’re right.

— I thought you wanted to relive your childhood memories! *laughs*

CM: Ah~ yeah *laughs* But, Santa Claus never existed in the first place!
JS: I always believed in Santa Claus until I got to the 2nd year of middle school.

— Wow, that’s really different. (Actually that’s not how he/she said it.. this is just the closest I could translate)

JS: When I knew Santa Claus didn’t exist in reality, I really couldn’t believe it. I was so shocked I couldn’t eat for a week.

— No way…

JS: Because there isn’t a meaning in life anymore. I keep thinking what there was left in this world to live for.
CM: So silly *laughs*

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[TWITTER COMPILATION] 140111 Jaejoong 1st Album ‘WWW’ Tour in Gwangju

World Bigeast Cassiopeia

Today’s fan project is to raise this during Now Is Good. It reads “Jaejoong-ah, thank you for singing to us” [点康]


Jaejoong: Hello everybody I am Jaejoong. Yeah~ Gwangju~

Jaejoong drank a sip of water and said that the water is delicious ㅋㅋㅋ #WWWinGwangju [Star_Leng]

Fans asked Jaejoong to take off his clothes but Jaejoong claimed that he is shy and he won’t take offㅋㅋ

Jaejoong: There are many idols who are from Gwangju. I am not from Gwangju but from Gongju.

Jaejoong kept speaking in Gwangju’s dialect today and seems like he is in a good mood. ^^

Jaejoong still didn’t fulfill fans’ request to take off his clothes and his excuse for the second time is bcos he’s in a concert now. [籽言]


Jaejoong said thank you for the fan support project after Now Is Good ended ㅠㅠ



Jaejoong still hasn’t fulfill fans’ request to take off his…

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