[TRANS] 131026 Kim Jaejoong’s Interview for Esquire Magazine


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Q: This magazine photo shoot is one long after the last one in India. So, how do you feel?

A: Very interesting, very moving.

Q: What have you been doing?

A: Preparing for my album. A lot of memories surfaced during the process of song composing. It was especially so as I wrote 80% of the lyrics while I recalled what happened at that time. I have been quite sentimental these days.

(His tears dropped during the photo shoot. The photographer, Mok Na Jung, said it was the first time she cried following the tears of the person being photographed.)

Q: So just now…

A: Yes, a bit overwhelmed / emotional.

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[LINE] 131025 JYJ Line Update: Jaejoong to be on the cover of ELLE Japan!


김재중이 정규 1집을 맞아 ELLE 재팬으로 인사 드립니다! “지금 일본에서 가장 만나고 싶은 스타”로 손꼽히는 김재중이 ELLE 재팬의 표지를 장식했답니다^^ 김재중을 만나는 특별한 하루, 오는 28일 ELLE 재팬에서 만나보세요!!^^
[TRANS] Kim Jaejoong will be on the cover of a special edition of Elle Japan. Theme: “Star I want to see the most in Japan now”. Release on October 28.

[ALT TRANS] Kim Jaejoong will greet you with his 1st full appearance in ELLE Japan! Considered as the “Star I want to see the most in Japan” Kim Jaejoong will decorate the cover of ELLE Japan^^ To see Kim Jaejoong’s A Special Day, look forward to it in ELLE Japan on Oct. 28th!!^^


Jaejoong covers ELLE(Japan)! The magazine will be published on 28th! Wait for ‘A special day with Jaejoong’!!



  • Elle Japan went to Korea for this…

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